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Breathe For Birth

six week online course

Breathe for Birth is the seamless integration of our signature Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth with inspiring and on-point childbirth education. Breathe for Birth is all about consciously connecting with your child; learning practical ways to move and breathe - to lean into the intensity of childbirth; to help you birth with dignity and grace in any setting. 

Each week we will explore the lush and lovely entwining of movement and breath, enriched with deep-guided relaxation and reassuring imagery to help you lean into the intensity of labour. These practices are themed and layered and given deeper context with each week to build confidence in yourself, your child and your birth process. 



Fundamentals of Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth

exploring the key rhythmic movement & breathing sequences to have you birthing with dignity & grace in any setting



Encouraging Your Baby To Position Favourably For Birth

playing with gravity to feel more comfortable in your own skin & create more space to help your baby position favourably for birth.



The Yin & Yang of Life-Long Pelvic Floor Integrity

embracing essential practices to support pelvic floor health & resilience through pregnancy, birth & early postpartum



Leaning Into The Intensity Of Birth

experiencing intentional breathing & rhythmic movement to release luxe birthing hormones; encourage progress in labour & embrace the intensity of labour




Pelvic Stability 

engaging in daily movements to build mental, emotional, energetic, physical resilience & fundamental pelvic girdle stability



Time To Consolidate

bringing Breathe for Birth practices together into a malleable & seamless whole that you can adapt in honour of your unique needs in pregnancy & birth.

Breathe for Birth

is a welcoming, inclusive space for ALL women

Perfect anytime from the start of your second trimester, these sessions are superb for first-time mothers and an excellent refresher for women who have birthed. 


Breathe for Birth will be of particular assistance if you:

  • Would like to  do all you can to have a positive birth experience;

  • Are having difficulty accessing childbirth education classes;

  • Feel mainstream birth preparation services do not support your unique needs and desires for birth;

  • Have been advised your baby is settling in an unfavourable position for birth;

  • Are planning a Vaginal Birth After Caesarian VBAC;

  • Are carrying birth trauma;

  • Are experiencing pelvic girdle pain {AKA pelvic instability};

  • Are concerned about your pelvic floor function before, during or after pregnancy

Breathe for Birth

Six Week Online Course Dates 2021

4 February - 11 March 2021

22 April - 26 May 2021

Breathe for Birth February 2021
Feb 04, 10:00 AM GMT+11 – Mar 11, 2:00 PM GMT+11


Breathe for Birth 1 hour live classes - Friday mornings 10:00-11:00. 

These sessions will be made rich with accessible yoga for pregnancy and birth sequences; integrated with breath-work; accupressure practices and uplifting meditation.

Weekly Q&A 1 hour live sessions - Friday afternoons 1:00-2:00.

20 minutes of active birth and childbirth education theory to support our themed practice and then free-ranging conversation for  your questions and concerns.

The Breathe for Birth Guidebook - mamashanti's comprehensive manual outlines all of the practices we explore through the course to support your home practice.


Call the Midwife 1 hour session - week five we will have a live Q&A with midwife and childbirth educator Zoe Akiko.

Your personal 1 hour session - with Nina at any stage during the course and up to two weeks after completion of the course.

One month 24/7 access - to all recorded sessions, so you can dip in and out of our sessions through out your pregnancy.

Breathe for Birth Community - your place to connect with women of like hearts and minds.

15% off your own private Birth Partners Workshop available to use anytime during your pregnancy.

15% off Pelvic Floor Rx Online - available to use anytime in 2021.


Early Birds: $205 Book two weeks before start of each course 

Regular: $245 

To keep the group cosy, spaces are limited, sign up today!


"I am very happy to announce the safe arrival of my baby boy.

My induction was booked but my boy decided to come a day early. Very happy to share I had a spontaneous labour and a drug free quick birth (though very intense). I went from mild cramping when I woke up at 7 30 AM to contractions 5 mins apart at 9 30 AM. I dilated so quickly and the contractions were on top of each other that we had to call an ambulance! I thought I was going to birth at home and the paramedics thought I was going to birth mid way to the hospital. But no, we made it to the hospital safely and my boy arrived at 12 33 PM. 

And I gave birth in the Goddess position. Because labour was so intense, I couldn't get into any other position including squatting. I cannot thank you enough for teaching me the Goddess position! It was just what I needed for this labour.

I don't know what brought on my labour as I tried many things in desperation but can definitely say - walking, crawling on all floors and the prenatal yoga helped immensely - all the things you taught me

Another positive birthing experience! Huge thanks to you!!"

- Shwetha -

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