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Yoga For Pregnancy and Birth - who is this for?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

So many benefits to practicing yoga during pregnancy 

There are many reasons to practice yoga while you are pregnant. Learning ways to move to enjoy pregnancy more, easing common discomforts and preparing for childbirth. For many women, pregnancy comes with a number of other conditions that need to be managed with care and consideration.

Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth, as taught by a qualified and experienced yoga teacher, is all about consciously integrating movement and breathing techniques to help you "lean into" the intensity of labour.

This is augmented with deep guided relaxation sessions enriched with reassuring imagery to build confidence in yourself, your child and your birth process.

By regularly attending specialist yoga classes designed to support you through pregnancy and prepare for birth, you will habituate your capacity to positively work with the demands of birthing your child.

Mamashanti’s Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth is terrific for women through out pregnancy; all levels of fitness; for both new comers and experienced yoga students. But what about pregnant women with special needs? Is it safe to practice yoga through pregnancy? Should issues arise affecting your pregnancy experience, I always encourage you to check with your primary carer, once you have the all clear then contact me to discuss your needs.

Looking back, its humbling to recall some of the conditions my students have trusted my assistance in managing, here’s a brief overview:

  • Pelvic girdle pain {AKA pelvic instability} – this is a condition causing pain and mobility problems during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy the hormone relaxin softens the ligaments around the joints of your pelvis, enabling it to open in preparation for childbirth. This is an essential process, however, for some women the effect of relaxin on the ligaments can be intense, destabilising the joints of the pelvis.

  • Separation of rectus abdominus muscles

  • Anxiety, mood swings and medically diagnosed depression

  • High or low blood pressure

  • Cervical weakness or erosion; cervical stitches and shortened cervix

  • Twin pregnancies

  • Previous pregnancies and previous miscarriage

  • Pregnancies resulting in unexpected outcomes including caesarian birth

  • Recovery from previous traumatic birth experience

  • Preparation for vaginal birth after caesarian (VBAC)

  • Babies presenting in posterior, transverse (sideways) or breach positions

  • Diagnosis of placenta praevia

  • Type I, Type II and gestational diabetes

  • Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Uterine Fibroids

  • Thyroid conditions

  • Inflammatory conditions including rheumatoid arthritis and muscular fibromyalgia

  • Previous injuries

  • So called “older” first time mothers

Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth is a highly specialised form of yoga.

If you are pregnant and experiencing a long-term condition or a new condition has recently manifested, take time to chat with your teacher. A trained and experienced yoga teacher can work with you and your health care professionals to help you get the best possible outcome from your experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

These days, I am offering Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth as Private Sessions and, in the context of a six week course. A layered, delicious, immersive practice that's held within the safe container of a fully a structured course. Breathe for Birth is the seamless integration of my signature Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth with inspiring and on-point childbirth education. It's all about consciously connecting with your child; learning practical ways to move and breathe - to lean into the intensity of childbirth; to birth with dignity and grace in any setting.

Join me in your own exploration of Letting Go for Birth - Breathe for Birth Six Week Online Course

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