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soulful birth preparation 

is all about offering you flexibility in childbirth preparation. Each element of Mamashanti’s soulful birth preparation plays a unique role to create a unified and accessible way for you to claim sovereignty in your birthing journey; to birth your child with dignity and grace in any setting.

Choose a service that best suits your needs and enjoy the immersive experience of taking mamashanti’s unique active birth practices from learned technique into the realm of instinct and intuition. This is what will create profound body-felt confidence in your own boundless birthing potential.

mamashanti breathe for birth

breathe for birth

six-part online immersion - move & breathe for vibrant pregnancy, while embodying practices to help you birth with dignity & grace

mamashanti continuity of care birth prep package

continuity of care package

bundle together Breathe for Birth with Birthing Partners for the most comprehensive birth preparation package 

mamashanti perinatal counselling

perinatal counselling

be supported through your matrescence with compassionate holistic counselling & trauma informed somatic psychotherapy

mamashanti birthing partners

birthing partners

connect deeply with your partner in preparation for birth, imbue your shared experience of pregnancy, birth & early parenting with insight & confidence

mamashanti active birth clinic.jpg

active birth clinic

your space to prepare for birth with access to mamashanti's full suite of specialised services, casual sessions tailored just for you

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