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Nina Isabella counselling

I have been supporting women in their life transitions for twenty years. From the tender days of matrescence, through to the tectonic shifts of menopause, though life-altering chronic health conditions and every step in between. So it felt the natural thing to do, to tie a bow around my years of research and personal development with a Master of Counselling.

I am now offering empathetic and mindful woman-centred counselling combined with body-oriented somatic psychotherapy. It's a basket full of therapeutic possibilities, positively overflowing with rich, compassionate, strengths based practices that I can hone to suit you and where you find yourself.

What I can bring to support you in your process, is the warmth of intuitive therapeutic presence that I have honed for the past 25 years in being of service to birthing women. Bearing witness to the raw and magnificent vulnerability of humanity time and time again, has opened me to the healing that can be experienced when one is held in another's unconditional positive regard.

Intrinsically trauma informed practice 


My counselling practice is centred in awareness of the way traumatic experiences shape the nervous system. That trauma is felt and carried in the body, it's not who you are - it's what you experienced. Trauma informed counselling practice offers a way to grow and integrate experiences through the guided therapeutic exploration of safety, choice and effective action, collaboration and trust. Trauma informed practice is an approach that is fundamentally holistic, empowering, strengths-focused, collaborative and reflective. It promotes physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural safety.

Through 2023, sessions will be available from beautiful twentynine - Healing Studio in Kyneton, Victoria or online. 

mamashanti holistc counselling

compassionate, trauma informed women-centred
Ballarat - Kyneton - Bendigo - Online

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