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Pelvic Floor Rx - The Yin & Yang of Life Long Pelvic Floor Integrity gives you the exquisite entwining of breath, movement and acupressure 
for a womanly yoga course that is deliciously upbeat, contemporary and inspiring. Gift yourself with practices that will have you reclaiming your womanly confidence and feminine sovereignty. It’s all about lush and lovely practices to build strength, sustain flexibility and truly appreciate your gorgeous womanly self. Experience practical ways to nourish yourself; cultivate calm and raise your spirits so you are better able to enjoy time in your own skin and with your loved ones. 


Each week we will explore a highly evolved yoga practice 

To appreciate your pelvic floor, just like the rest of your body is an entirely unique, intelligent, exquisite and complex structure. In these insightful and inspiring sessions, we journey into the subtle suite of practices that will have you lovingly create a new relationship with the muscles and energetic centres that inform your sense of feeling safe, grounded, confident and a potent, creative force within your personal realm. 

Recognise the physical, energetic and emotional ways pelvic floor dysfunction manifests and explore the many ways to enhance health, comfort and confidence. This includes addressing under toned pelvic floor and the very misunderstood and incredibly common, modern condition of the exhausted and over-worked pelvic floor. 


We open and close with deep restoration and nourishment. A place to move, breathe and re-engage with your own internal rhythms. Practices become more refined as awareness is activated and from here, we explore healthful coming practices. This all adds up to being an exquisite womanly practice that will have you feeling thoroughly understood and lovingly supported. 

Who is this course for?

Pelvic Floor Rx is a welcoming, inclusive space for ALL women, of all ages; especially beneficial for women made weary by the fierce tenderness of loving. 

For all women experiencing profound transitions, these sessions will help you embrace the present and ease you through each wonderful stage of life with grace and joy. Eclectic, lighthearted, joyful mamashanti’s womanly yoga is in all possible respects relevant to modern womanhood.

Pelvic Floor Rx will be of particular assistance if you:

  • Feel mainstream health services do not support your unique needs;

  • Have been advised you have a pelvic floor prolapse;

  • Are concerned about the health and or function of your pelvic floor;

  • Are carrying birth trauma;

  • Are experiencing pelvic girdle;

  • Are concerned about your pelvic floor function before, during or after pregnancy;

  • Are concerned about your pelvic floor function as you move into perimenopause

  • Are confused about mixed messaging regarding pelvic floor health being circulated in mainstream media.



  • This course Is Not intended for pregnant women.  We cover all relevant Yin & Yang of Life Long Pelvic Floor Integrity for pregnancy and birth in my Breathe for Birth Course.

  • Having given birth is not a prerequisite to participate in mamashanti's Pelvic Floor Rx.

You’ll come away from mamashanti’s Pelvic Floor Rx Course with:

  • A whole heap of pelvic floor health myths busted.

  • A contemporary understanding of pelvic health and resilience.

  • Mamahshanti’s Yin & Yang of Life-Long pelvic Floor Integrity - standing and seated postures; rhythmic movement; breathing practices to support optimum pelvic floor health.

  • Gentle techniques to support efficient elimination.

  • Clear understanding of the signs of pelvic girdle pain.

  • Balanced movements for everyday situations.

  • Subtle and effective strength building practices.

  • Seasonal, hormonal, life stage and daily application of Pelvic Floor Rx Practices.


It’s going to be slower, softer and there will be a whole lot of time spent in practices that will intentionally encourage you to feel inward. Your Pelvic Floor connects you with all that makes you feel safe and grounded. Where better to explore your inner realms than in your own safe space?

Course Dates 2020

Six week courses are hosted via Zoom, recorded and loaded to our Private Facebook Group, remain accessible for six months, so you can practice anywhere and anytime.

OCTOBER COURSE begins Friday 16 October 2020

Dear Nina, I have realised it has been more than 3 years I have been coming to your classes! Wouah , you have helped me so much during the pregnancy and your Pelvic Floor Rx Workshops, I wanted to thank you from all my Heart and Body! Every time I go to your postnatal workshops, it is a great adventure and so rich to be in this room with you and all the wonderful other Mums. It helps me to come back to the most important : taking care of myself and find again my centre. Through the workshops I have learnt some exercises which I know well now and which I like to practice at home, they give me the chance to reconnect with my body and my soul and to feel much better!

And of course I am so grateful to you and your knowledge because thank to them I recovered entirely from this big prolapse which was such a painful experience, the exercises you recommend have been magical! Such a blessing… Coming to your workshops is one of the best moments of the month! So much fun and so much emotion! 

As we say in my country : 

MERCI NINA! Berenice

© 2020 mamashanti

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