mamashanti pelvic floor rx course

six week online course

Pelvic Floor Rx

Pelvic Floor Rx

The Yin & Yang Of Life-Long Pelvic Floor Integrity

Is the exquisite entwining of breath, movement and acupressure 
for a womanly yoga course that is deliciously upbeat, contemporary and inspiring. Gift yourself with practices that will have you reclaiming your womanly confidence and feminine sovereignty. It’s all about lush and lovely practices to build strength, sustain flexibility and truly appreciate your gorgeous womanly self. Experience practical ways to nourish yourself; cultivate calm and raise your spirits so you are better able to enjoy time in your own skin and with your loved ones. 



The YIN Of Life-Long Pelvic Floor Integrity

creating a loving relationship with the muscles and energetic centres that inform your sense of feeling safe, grounded, confident and a potent, creative force within your personal realm



The YANG Of Life-Long Pelvic Floor Integrity

discovering multi-dimensional toning practices that appreciate your pelvic floor, just like the rest of you is an entirely unique, intelligent exquisite structure



The Delicate

Art Of

Letting Go

examining all of the factors that inhibit & support healthful daily elimination



Building & Sustaining Pelvic Girdle Strength & Resilience

diving deeper into toning practices to support your entire pelvic girdle and lovingly resolve mild-moderate pelvic organ prolapse



Psoas Savvy

Pelvic Floor


becoming intimately acquainted with the "muscle of the soul' & the deep, intrinsic link between pelvic floor health and nervous system health and regulation



Time To Consolidate

bringing Pelvic Floor Rx practices together into a unified whole, with a clear path for you to adapt your practices to honour the ebb and flow of your internal rhythms & seasons

Pelvic Floor Rx

is a welcoming and inclusive space for ALL women

Eclectic, lighthearted, joyful mamashanti’s womanly yoga is in all possible respects relevant to modern womanhood.​ Pelvic Floor Rx will be of particular assistance if you:

  • Feel mainstream health services do not support your unique needs;

  • Have been advised you have a pelvic floor prolapse;

  • Are concerned about the health and or function of your pelvic floor;

  • Are carrying birth trauma;

  • Are experiencing pelvic girdle pain and instability;

  • Are concerned about your pelvic floor function before, during or after pregnancy;

  • Are concerned about your pelvic floor function as you move into perimenopause

  • ·Are confused about mixed messaging regarding pelvic floor health being circulated in mainstream media.


This course Is Not intended for pregnant women.  We cover all relevant Yin & Yang of Life Long Pelvic Floor Integrity for pregnancy and birth in my Breathe for Birth Course.

Having given birth is not a prerequisite to participate in mamashanti's Pelvic Floor Rx.

Pelvic Floor Rx
Six Week Online Course Dates 2021
19 February - 26 March 2021
21 May - 25 June 2021


Pelvic Floor Rx 1 hour classes - Friday mornings 10:00-11:00.

These sessions will be made rich with mamashanti's Yin & Yang of Life-Life Pelvic Floor Integrity sequences; rhythmic somatic movement integrated with breath-work; acupressure practices and uplifting meditation.

Weekly Q&A 1 hour live sessions - Friday afternoons 1:00-2:00.

20 minutes of theory to support our themed practice and then free-ranging conversation for your questions and concerns.

The Pelvic Floor Rx Guidebook - mamashanti's comprehensive manual outlines all of the practices we explore through the course to support your home practice.


One month 24/7 access - to all recorded sessions, so you can dip in and out of our sessions to consolidate your learning at your own pace.

Pelvic Floor Rx Community - your place to connect with women of like hearts and minds.

Your personal 1 hour session - with Nina held at any stage during the course.

Your Investment:

Early Birds: $205 Book two weeks before start of your course

Regular: $245 

To keep the group cosy, spaces are limited, sign up today!

Pelvic Floor Rx February 2021
Feb 19, 10:00 AM GMT+11
Online Course

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