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Pelvic Floor Rx

The Yin & Yang Of Life-Long Pelvic Floor Integrity

Is the exquisite entwining of breath, movement and acupressure 
for a dive into mamashanti's womanly yoga that is deliciously upbeat, contemporary and inspiring. Gift yourself with practices that will have you reclaiming your womanly confidence and feminine sovereignty. It’s all about lush and lovely practices to build strength, sustain flexibility and truly appreciate your gorgeous womanly self. Experience practical ways to nourish yourself; cultivate calm and raise your spirits so you are better able to enjoy time in your own skin and with your loved ones. 

mamashanti pelvic floor rx

Pelvic Floor Rx

your prescription for life-long pelvic floor integrity

A welcoming and inclusive space for ALL women

Eclectic, lighthearted, joyful mamashanti’s womanly yoga is in all possible respects relevant to modern womanhood.​ Pelvic Floor Rx private sessions will be of particular assistance if you:

  • Feel mainstream health services do not support your unique needs;

  • Have been advised you have a pelvic floor prolapse;

  • Are concerned about the health and or function of your pelvic floor;

  • Are carrying birth trauma;

  • Are experiencing pelvic girdle pain and instability;

  • Are concerned about your pelvic floor function before or after pregnancy;

  • Are concerned about your pelvic floor function as you move into perimenopause

  • ·Are confused about mixed messaging regarding pelvic floor health being circulated in mainstream media.


  • Having given birth is not a prerequisite to participate in mamashanti's Pelvic Floor Rx.

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Mamashanti's Pelvic Floor Rx
Treatment Menu

Compassionate conversation ~

This is where we always start. Nina Isabella is a professional, registered counsellor who specialises in women’s health. In recognition of the intimate body, mind, and spirit connections; all sessions include open-hearted explorations of your lifestyle, physical, mental and energetic health. After our initial conversation, we will focus on the areas that are of most concern to you. For more information about Nina's counselling practice -

Lush and lovely restorative Womanly Yoga practices ~

Together we will explore each nourishing breathing and movement sequence, so you can confidently take home mamashanti’s Womanly Yoga practice and integrate these practices into your daily routine.

Gentle bodywork ~

You might like a bit of hands on help from Nina with Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure and subtle practices to unravel tension and resistance from your body.


Energetic healing ~

Reiki can feel like you are being washed in radiant love-filled light. The softness is creates, gives you a way to detach from the external pressures of life and drift inward. 


Exquisite guided meditation ~

To lift your spirits and nourish you from deep within.


Professional referrals & resources ~

Because sometimes we could use a little extra help. Nina has a network of experienced, compassionate practitioners who can help you find more comfort and confidence in your body and yourself.


Diet and lifestyle ~

We’ll look at simple and sustainable ways you can fine-tune your diet and lifestyle to help you feel the best you can.


Ritual and ceremony ~

Across time and cultures, people have crafted reverent and intentional ceremonial acts as a way to celebrate, honour, mourn, and process significant life transitions. As a lover and creator of ritual and ceremony, I feel the innate human need for ceremony, the need to make meaning, and gather for collective acknowledgment of significant moments. 


Ritual is a conscious and beautiful way to help us move through life's big transitions. Made up of simple, restrained gestures, or richly embellished - ritual is the moment to be immersed in an experience that truly reflects your unique humanity.


Post Birth Ritual - Together we can craft a post birth ritual to energetically and emotionally heal your body and to lovingly guide you across the threshold from maiden to mother.

Mother to Maga Ritual - You are feeling the call of perimenopause shaking the foundations of your self identity? Perhaps you would like to honour your change of life, celebrate the shift from mothering those around you, to mothering your self and your deep-held passions. Let's craft a ritual of transformation and celebration!

Mamashanti's Pelvic Floor Rx
Private Sessions

These sessions can be held online or in person, at my home studio a 10 minute from Daylesford Victoria with COVID19 appropriate measures in place. To support your learning style and availability they can be held as a single 4.5 hour session, or paced over 2-3 sessions.

You've  been thinking about your pelvic floor function.  Perhaps its been difficult to find a practitioner you can relate to.  My private sessions are perfect for all women who are seeking a more confident relationship with their womanly bodies. 

These sessions are tailored to your needs and are your place to declare truce with your body and rewrite your relationship with your precious pelvic floor.


Initial Consult Consult min 1.5 Hour:

Full: $205/ Concession: $175-$190 sliding scale*

Follow Up/ Each Additional Hour:

Full: $155/ Concession: $120-$145 sliding scale*

* Sliding scale is available for those experiencing financial difficulty and health cards holders.


All sessions come with your own personalised plan to suit your unique needs and your lifestyle. Your plan will detail all of the practices we’ve used so you can integrate them into your daily life and make them your own.


I completed Nina's Pelvic Floor Rx course 5 months after birthing my third baby and it was such a revelation. 
I frequently use my 'muscle undies' while going about my day and I'll never do another 'kegel' again.
I wish that this love and understanding of the way our bodies work was taught to all young women as part of the high school curriculum!

Thank you again Nina, I'm so glad that I gifted your course to myself xx

- kindest Hannah -

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