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Birthing Partners

A practical and lighthearted opportunity to connect deeply with your partner in preparation for birth. Insightful and informative, these sessions will leave you feeling positive and confident about all you can do to prepare for birth and parenthood.  We focus on tried and true techniques to build confidence and demystify the process of birth, making this perfect for first-time parents or as excellent refresher.  

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Birthing Partners

workshops & private sessions

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Experience meaningful ways to

Be present to your birthing partner's needs 

Learn subtle, potent and entirely practical ways to be authentically present to your partner and the energy of her birth. Learn to express yourself with confidence and compassion. Experience the profound and transformative use of your breath as the primary tool to bring you into synchronicity with your birthing woman and be the anchor for her intimate holding circle.

Regulate your nervous system

Breath awareness is the founding step to experiencing deeper sense of self. It brings surety to self-regulate your nervous system.  When we self-regulate, then we are ready to co-regulate. This is what it means to support someone in their darkest vulnerability. It means to rise above our own discomfort and be truly present to theirs.

Express practical intimacy  

Birth is one of the most intimate experiences in any woman’s life. Feelings of safety that naturally arise from intimacy are fundamental to a woman’s capacity to open up and yield to the intensity of birth. Learn practical and loving ways to support your woman, by reaching into that intimacy with courage and compassion.

Understand and communicate your birth choices

Thorough exploration of birthing choices to help you evaluate your shared birthing preferences; reflect on your hopes and concerns for birth and early parenting to help you articulate the model of care that best suits your needs. Feel confident in your capacity to work effectively with your chosen birth setting and care providers. Clarify the tone and qualities you hope to experience in birth. Communicating confidently will help you understand and integrate the advice given by medical caregivers.

Create calm in any setting 

Experience mamashanti’s simple plan to create and restore calm in any birth setting. Simple and infinitely adaptable techniques to bring you both into a space of calm and clarity.

Offer gentle bodywork

Learn traditional techniques to unravel tension and resistance from your woman’s body; to assist progress in labour. Methods will include acupressure for pregnancy, birth and postnatal support; rebozo sifting; and subtle postural adjustments to help your birthing woman embrace her birthing potential.

Be the guardian of the golden hour and the fourth trimester

Rest and bonding are essential for the new family. Learn to be the gatekeeper to protect your family's early bonding time. Explore ways to engage the loving support of your friends and family to help you feel resourceful and purposeful in your transition into parenthood.

Attend to self care

How to compassionately and practically support yourself as you provide support for your birthing woman.

Kind Words

“Thank you so much Nina for the amazing Birthing Partners  Workshop. We really enjoyed it and we both got so much more out of it than the hospital class we did. We left the session feeling relaxed and more confident, prepared and informed, thanks to your gentle, encouraging and accepting guidance.” 

- Virginia & Andrew -

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