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Birth preparation that is as unique as you are. Book with mamashanti and we will create a birth preparation session that is taylored to your unique body, baby, pregnancy and circumstances. 


Birth is intimate and some of us feel more comfortable learning in a private setting. Private birth preparation sessions for you and your birthing team - perfect for anyone who prefers one-to-one learning.


To support your learning style and availability, these sessions can be held online or in the lovely  surrounds of 29 High Street Kyneton Victoria with COVID19 appropriate measures in place. 


Mamashanti’s Birthing Partners Workshops are a practical and light-hearted opportunity to connect deeply with your partner in preparation for birth. Insightful and informative, these sessions will leave you feeling positive and confident about all you can do to prepare for birth and parenthood.  

Read more about Birthing Partners Private Workshops here

Birthing Partners Private Workshop

    • Your own tailored birth preparation session.
    • Mamashanti's comprehensive Birthing Partners Workshop Notes to refer back to any time.
    • Mamashanti's superb Top Tips for Birthing Partners - how to be the be most supportive partner through pregnancy, labour, birth and early postpartum. Value $15
    • Mamashanti's Acupressure for Pregnancy and Birth Guide - to have you pushing your birthing woman's buttons in all the right ways! Value $15
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