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Nina Isabella

I am a mama, yogini; birth attendant; holistic somatic pelvic floor practitioner and the founder of mamashanti - womanly yoga.
Moving and breathing with hundreds of women since 2005 for enhanced fertility; peaceful pregnancy; positive birth; nourished postpartum; inspired parenting; healthful and vital menopause and through it all - lifelong pelvic floor integrity.
Workshops, online courses and private sessions.

Daylesford :: Melbourne :: Online 

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I coined the term Womanly Yoga in 2005, to describe a highly evolved yoga practice; one that is deeply informed by the lived feminine experience.  

It’s all about lush and lovely practices to build strength, sustain flexibility and truly appreciate your gorgeous womanly self. Experience practical ways to profoundly nourish your nervous system; cultivate calm and raise your spirits so you are better able to enjoy time in your own skin and with your loved ones. 

" The feminine is the direct conversation with that which joins us to all living beings."

- Toko-pa Turner - 

Mamashanti's Womanly Yoga is rich, lush and earthy; anchored in the exploration of pure feminine embodiment. I warmly invite every woman, everyday experience a subtle suite of practices that will have you lovingly create a new relationship with the connective tissue and energetic centres that inform your sense of feeling safe, grounded, confident and a potent, creative force within your personal realm.


You will find these principles intimately and joyfully woven into all that I do and share -

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Fluid Grace Womanly Yoga

pure feminine embodiment

"Nina brings and incredible warmth and observational capacity which I believe allows her to both create safety and connection with the people she supports, and also which affords her incredible skill in assessing and addressing strengths and blocks to the ways people would like to relate to themselves, their bodies and the environment through the birth process.

I have been very impressed with Nina’s sense of personal accountability to her craft and have noted that she utilises information and approaches that are evidence-based and underpinned by latest evidence in areas such as neurobiology, polyvagal theory and trauma informed practice. Nina weaves her deep understanding of the body and somatosensory systems with neurobiological and psychological frameworks to help people remove the obstacles that may be blocking opportunities at greater freedom in body and mind."

Dr Emma, Clinical Psychologist