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A quiet revolution in women’s health. Mamashanti was founded in Melbourne by yoga instructor, doula, childbirth educator - Nina Isabella in 2005. 


Mamashanti’s Breathe for Birth Program is the seamless integration of our signature Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth with inspiring and on-point childbirth education. Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth is all about consciously connecting with your child; learning practical ways to move, breath and stretch; to give birth in any setting with dignity and grace.


And every other day, join Nina in unique, nuanced and contemporary explorations into somatic pelvic floor health with Pelvic Floor Rx. A highly evolved yoga practice that appreciate your pelvic floor, just like the rest of your body is an entirely unique, intelligent, exquisite and complex structure. In these insightful and inspiring sessions, we journey into the subtle suite of practices that will have you lovingly create a new relationship with the muscles and energetic centres that inform your sense of feeling safe, grounded, confident and a potent, creative force within your personal realm.


Nina shares these offerings as Workshops and Private Sessions held in beautiful spaces in Daylesford and Melbourne; also Courses and Private Sessions online.

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