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mamashanti yoga for pregnancy & birth

I have spent the past two decades cultivating a unique practice that is intimately informed by birth. A rich and loving practice that will have you embracing the wonder of your rapidly changing body and consciously connecting with your growing child.

Mamashanti’s Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth will immerse you in a way of yoga that is:

- Entirely devoted to honouring your unique transition from maiden to mother.

- Seamlessly integrated with contemporary independent childbirth education.

- Made abundant with exquisitely feminine practices.

- A flowing and potent practice created by intricately entwining breath and movement.

Simply, a new paradigm in childbirth preparation

These sessions are all about consciously integrating ways of moving and breathing to help you “lean into” the intensity of labour. These practices are augmented with deep-guided relaxation, enriched with reassuring imagery to build confidence in yourself, your child and your birth process. Regular practice will help you:

- Take this suite of contemporary active birth practices from learned technique into the realm of instinct and intuition.

- Create profound body-felt confidence in your own boundless birthing potential.

- Habituate your capacity to positively work with the intensity of birthing your child.

- Contribute to a positive experience of childbirth.

To communicate with your nervous system, practices are intentionally softer, slower

there will be a whole lot of time spent in practices that will intentionally encourage you to feel inward. Birth is, after all an entirely sensory experience, where better to explore your inner realms than the safe and supportive environment of your own birth preparation session?

Mamashanti’s unique Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth integrates rhythmic movement, intentional breathing and delicious bodywork to help you lean into the intensity of labour. Immersion in this practice will give you the means to habituate your capacity to positively work with the experience of birthing your baby. Explore practices that are tailored for exactly where you are in your pregnancy:

First Trimester – special focus on balancing surging hormones, stabilising energy levels and strategies to manage rapid changes to your metabolism.

Second Trimester – it’s all about making space for you and your baby, sustaining pelvic stability, and cultivating healthy postural habits.

Third Trimester – helping your baby position favourably for birth, developing a practice that has you seamlessly taking yoga from the mat into your birth space, intimate breathing techniques to habituate the release of favourable birthing hormones.



Pregnancy, Birth & The Yin & Yang of Life-Long Pelvic Floor Integrity To access juicy birthing hormones, we need to connect with the energetic centre of the pelvic floor, we need to de-armour, down-regulate, nourish and engage with the nervous system. The same goes for connecting with your pelvic floor muscles on any given day. How do we do this? There’s movement, breathing, anatomical education - for sure we do all of this. But there’s something more; we explore a subtle, lovingly nuanced exchange between brain and body, emotions, memory and experience. We do this in a safe space, we will create practice that allows your body to be the safe container of personal exploration. When we anchor ourselves deeply in the Base, the Root Chakra we connect to Mother Earth - we connect with everything we need to feel safe, held and able to trust ourselves, our choices and our circumstances. This creates the internal environment to birth our children and ourselves time and time again with Dignity and Grace.

Experience mamashanti's Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth by immersing into one soulful childbirth preparation options:

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