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What Will It Take To Let Go For Birth?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

How many ways do you hold yourself together - 

In your intimate relationships; your professional life; your social circle; your family; in yourself. Can you say you are honest with yourself? Are your expectations realistic? Have you spent your life armouring up against the weight of external and self-imposed expectation; armouring against the possibility of more hurt, loss and disappointment?

It’s close to impossible to reach adulthood without experiencing trauma - physical, mental, emotional.

Trauma is felt and stored in our physical bodies and remains there until we feel safe enough to process and release...

All of this holding it together adds up.

When you live in a female body, this load is primarily held in the sacral chakra, the precious pelvic bowl; where it is manifestly wrapped by the ligaments, muscle, bone and soft tissue of the pelvic girdle. And expressed as restricted movement, rigidity, imbalance and emotional resistance; and on the flip-side in poorly defined personal boundaries, excessive mobility and pelvic floor weakness.

When it comes to giving birth, we need to have spent time in a safe space releasing resistance and cultivating balance. We need time to prepare for birth - to learn about letting go, by feeling and exploring the full dimensions of active birth practice.

Letting go for Birth is layered and deserves your time, effort & focus. Letting go happens slowly and is too important to expect all your processing and releasing to happen in the birth space.

We wouldn’t wake up one morning and decide to join a 40km marathon without having being expertly guided through weeks of prior training.

So surely it's just not reasonable to expect to walk directly from our cerebral modern existences into a place of deep, primal yielding without having first learnt to trust ourselves and found voice in creating a supportive birth circle to compassionately navigate the experience.

Join me in your own exploration of Letting Go for Birth.

NEXT COURSE begins Thursday 12 November 2020

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