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Holistic Somatic Pelvic Floor Practice

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Earlier this week, I spoke with a new client. She asked me how I define my pelvic floor work.

Hmmmmm.... Good Question!

My answer....

Holistic Somatic Pelvic Floor Practice

It’s a mouthful! But hey, what’s in a name? Holistic - means I see you. All of you. I see that while you came to me seeking to explore new ways to improve the function of your pelvic floor; there’s a whole lot more going on than how your muscle groups are interacting. Holistic Pelvic Floor Practice addresses the entire breadth of human experience -

  • Biomechanical - starts with postural alignment, muscle alignment, organ alignment.

  • Biochemical - all about your personal muscle and ligament density and the ebb and flow of density as influenced by nervous system, time, trauma, hormones, nutrition, wellbeing.

  • Life History - of societal, familial, energetic, physical, emotional trauma.

  • Presence of Scar Tissue - the tugging and dragging of healthy tissue and organs out of alignment and out of healthy function.

  • Breath and Nervous System - raising awareness, self regulating, re-armouring for more expansive emotional range and energetic capacity.

Somatic - practices bring you into relationship with your own body. They lead you towards embodiment, towards knowing and being with what the body knows of itself. Somatic practices are about getting to know ourselves more intimately; entering a safe and informed practice that responds to our ever-changing needs as dynamic organisms; reclaiming the ability to make our own choices about our bodies. When we engage with our practice somatically we stay with the questions - - What is it, I am feeling? - Is this practice nourishing me? - How could I be more comfortable here? - Can I open up to learning that comes from my body? We take time to engage, to listen and to feel to our unique way of being. We practice personal agency, becoming empowered to know that we have choice and that we each know our experience and our body better then anyone else. Personal agency is fundamental to my practice. Fundamental to exploring the profound questions embodied in the pelvic floor, How do I experience? - Trust - Stability - Survival - Abundance - Grounding - Safety - Belonging - Vitality

Pelvic Floor - could we take an enormous paradigm leap and completely reframe our understanding of this space and what it means to us? We'll expand our perspective to regard the fluid nature of health over our life times through the lens of The Yin and Yang of Life-Long Pelvic Floor Integrity.

So if you've had any niggling questions about Down There - like "surely it's OK to leak a bit when I laugh/ jump/ cough/ sneeze?" There is only ONE Answer No. It's not OK to normalise leaking - untreated stress incontinence tends to worsen over time. I'm here.  I've got a plan for you. All you need to do is say yes to you and to your precious pelvic floor.


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