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mamashanti moving and breathing since 2005

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

A couple of weeks ago, I looked up at my calendar and realised fifteen years ago, I founded mamashanti.

Fifteen Years!

Spring 2005, I started mamashanti from my little apartment in inner Melbourne, offering a Saturday morning prenatal yoga class each week. At the time I was working as a landscape architect in the city and soul parenting - raising my gorgeous 5 year old son.  Two years later, within a couple of weeks of leaving my day job, I received one of the most serendipitous phone calls. Darling Billie, director of Kundalini House in North Fitzroy invited me to teach in the studio she had recently established with her dear sister, Pip. The only answer was YES!

We became the first studio in Melbourne to offer pregnant women multiple class times across the week and very soon, classes were overflowing with beautiful pregnant women! Monthly Birthing Partner Workshops soon followed. I completed Doula training with glorious Rhea Dempsey of Birthing Wisdom and immersed deeply into the exquisite honour of attending births for many of these lovely women. I grew into my practice. Sitting at the feet of birthing women  I came to view birth as the ultimate Guru.

Guru - one who guides us from darkness into light

I stepped away from prenatal yoga and began offering my own Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth. And from all this my two great loves were born:

  • Breathe for Birth

  • Pelvic Floor Rx

Four years ago (another milestone that shook me), I stepped away from teaching weekly classes to attend to my health, I continue to grow, evolve and honour my spirit's journey in this earthy body.  Thank You, ALL of you beautiful women,  who have entrusted me with your most intimate journeys of pregnancy and birth and womanhood.  Mamashanti is here, only because of you.  Love and warmest wishes xx Nina

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