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My Continuity of Care Package brings over two decades of experience providing professional birth support, two decades of being one of Victoria’s most influential teachers of Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth and years of allied health training together in one comprehensive package that is truly the gold standard of conscious childbirth preparation.


Each package is uniquely tailored to -

  • Create time to understand your concerns - about pregnancy, labour, birth and early parenting; 

  • Explore on-point childbirth education; 

  • Share partner support practices - that will help you both navigate pregnancy, labour and birth; 

  • Refine your understanding of active birth techniques - and become familiar with bodywork practices to help you encourage your child position favourably for birth; 

  • Explore ways to optimise working with your chosen birth setting - and care providers; 

  • Prepare your birthing preference plan;

  • Help to birth with dignity and grace in any setting. 


Read more about my Contiuity of Care Birth Preparation Package here

Mamashanti Continuity of Care Birth Preparation Package

  • In a Nutshell - Continuity of Care Package Includes: 

    Mamashanti Breathe for Birth - fully embodied childbirth preparation delivered online for your to immerse and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

    Value: $245

    Mamashanti Birthing Partners - a private childbirth preparation session, designed just for you, to help you connect deeply with one another in preparation for childbirth.

    Value: $480

    Post-Birth Debrief - time and space for you to honour your birth experience; to explore with compassion the elements of your experience, to begin the life-long process of integration. 

    Value: $230

    That comes to $955

    Continuity Of Care Support Package Investment - $765

    You save 20%

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