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Raanjhanaa Full Movie Hd 1080p In Hindi Download




lagu hii couple of days back someone showed me a video which some guy was annoying a couple of women. i felt like i was in some mental institution while watching this video. my friend got really upset and that is why i am coming out with my opinion on this. chittu "Puliva" 2015 hd 1080p in hindi lagu what's up as usual reading through my "hmmmmm" channel i have seen a video of a guy disturbing girls and i really feel bad and even when i saw that guy i have to admit that i want to be with him. you guys see he is with 2 girls with bottle in hand and the girls are just watching and the guy is annoying them. i mean he is such a troll! i seriously can't understand why these girls are living in this country. they should have run away from that country and go to some other country. i feel sorry for that country and for the people who are living in that country. in this country we have freedom of speech but in the west i don't know whether it's the same. i feel sorry for all the people who are living in this world and especially for the poor people. i am a girl and that is the reason i feel so disturbed by watching this video. the guy is so powerful that no girl can resist him. but to be honest i don't have any feeling against the guy. but when i read the comments in "mmmm" channel i have seen that everyone is ready to put the guy in jail for "trolling" the girls. i seriously think that is too much! he is just annoying the girls and that is all. they don't have any right to harass him and put him in jail. the most important thing in this video is that he is with 2 girls with bottle in hand. that is the most disturbing thing. why is he with them? he has not even asked their permission to disturb them. in my opinion that guy is the most brainless guy i have ever seen in my life. by the way this video has been posted in "mmmm" channel. i am posting this in my channel because it might be useful for other people to know about him. lastly i really don't know whether this guy is a real human being or some troll! Once upon a time in a land far far away... there was a very




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Raanjhanaa Full Movie Hd 1080p In Hindi Download
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