Mamashanti Breathe for Birth - One Day Workshop  

We will explore the entwining of movement, breath, deep-guided relaxation to help you lean into the intensity of labour. These practices are themed and layered and given deeper context to help you build confidence in yourself, your child and your birth process.


Immersion in these one day workshops will help you:

  • Encourage your baby to position favourably for birth;
  • Sustain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength and resilience;
  • Consciously connect with your child;
  • Melt tension and resistance from your whole body;
  • Open your birth canal as you experience the difference between functional and “dysfunctional” pushing;
  • Support pelvic floor integrity through pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery;
  • Release favourable birthing hormones to support progress in labour;
  • Enter into the glorious altered state of consciousness that can lead to joyful and transcendent moments in birthing;
  • Summon the will and resources to birth your child with dignity and grace.


Breathe for Birth One Day Workshop 5 JUNE 2021

  • 10:30 - 6:00

    Saturday 5 June 2021

    The day will be paced to include time for morning tea and lunch

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